Ethical Code

The Nervo Group's Code of Ethics is defined as a corporate commitment that includes basic principles and standards for the proper development of Nervo Group's relationships with its main stakeholders, especially with its employees, suppliers and customers.


  1. We are committed to compliance with the law as well as with human and labour rights and to the integration of the whole group of people in their diversity.
  2. The principles of social responsibility, transparency and fair treatment are necessary prerequisites in the corporate culture for the development of relations of the group companies with all individuals and legal entities that have a direct or indirect labour, commercial, economic, social or industrial relationship.
  3. It shall not constitute a justification for the commission of legal infringements if these are widespread breaches in business practice, nor if the infringement is carried out on the mandate, instruction or consent of a third party.
  4. We promote effective equality and non-discrimination and reject any manifestation of violence, abuse of authority and any conduct that creates an intimidating or offensive environment.
  5. We encourage a comfortable, healthy, safe and non-hostile work environment. Working relationships should be based on respect and collaboration by building a healthy, stimulating and productive work environment, providing effective help to support requests between professionals and areas, sharing knowledge and experience.
  6. The Nervo Group is committed to providing its professionals with the resources they need to carry out their activities. The Group's professionals will make responsible use of these resources.
  7. We provide a working environment in which employees can develop personally and professionally. They will be aware of the general objectives of the group and the particulars that concern them.
  8. A balance between personal and professional life will be sought, for which it will promote measures to facilitate the reconciliation of work and family life.
  9. The selection and contracting of suppliers and collaborators will be carried out following objective technical, professional and economic criteria, always taking into account the needs and interests of the Nervo Group.
  10. The Nervo Group is committed to providing complete and quality services to its clients, establishing with them relationships of trust with the commitment to compete in the market in an active but honest way, respecting the current rules of free market and defense of competition.
  11. Any person who becomes aware of a breach of the Ethical Code must inform the Nervo Group through the Whistleblower Channel on the website

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