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Born as the Sum Group, at NERVO we have been promoting innovation projects to encourage trade and interaction between brands and people for 25 years. With a strong specialisation in the insurance sector, we put all our experience and strength at the service of great ideas.

Innovate. Unite. Create.


Charting the path of innovation

The future belongs to the innovators. That is why at NERVO we help to build, at a global level, new paths that allow a better interaction between brands and customers, investing in companies that provide market-leading solutions.

A brand that loves you is a brand that sells to you.
Because reimagining insurance is possible.
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Where innovation exists, we are.

Sell more,
selling better

Capital in the company


Life is a set of experiences, and at Sum we strive to make brand-customer interaction a memorable one. Because also in the digital world, selling more and with more recurrence, it's a question of knowing how to sell better.

If you have a great idea, we want to hear from you

insurance distribution and

Capital in the company


We are a hub of digital products and services for the insurance sector, applied to the online end-to-end distribution of insurance and from where we offer digital insurance solutions, differential, agile, omnicanal and effective.

If you have a great idea, we want to hear from you

More innovative dreams that we have helped to realize

2018- I 9%

Company with a pioneering technology within the personalization of online stores in real time. An intelligent technology based on AI that increases e-commerce sales.

We came into the company to help this start-up in its scaling and consolidation phase, carrying out projects with Sum The Sales Intelligence Co, increasing both companies digital sales.

2018-2020 I Exit


Native digital start up with 100% insurance philosophy developing innovative products that customers can hire in one click.

NERVO has helped in these two years of the company's launch to accelerate and provide funding for this testing and innovation laboratory in the digital insurance sector.

2011-2019 I Exit

sum Talk

Contact center specialized in omnichannel customer management and BPO services. A former Caixa Galicia company that we acquired in 2011 to undertake an aggressive growth plan with new Customers and Markets.

After 8 years helping leading brands such as Zara, Abanca, Privalia, Euskaltel, Metlife, etc., to improve their customer management in more than 20 languages, becoming the leading contact center in Retail in Spain, it was sold to Konecta Group in July 2019.

2017-2020 I Exit


Digital Consultancy specialised in Marketing, Communication and Sales. We were co-founders in 2017 with the current CEO. After supporting the company at launch and accelerating growth, NERVO successfully exited in January 2020 selling our stake to our partner.


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